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Haven't written a long time. Three of F-kittens have already  left for new homes.
Fugen lives near Kościan with a Norwegian friend Simba Aniro*PL.
Faro lives near Warsaw witth a gang of other cats.
Falcor lives in Sweden in a small cattery where he shows at Polish Norwegian can :)

Two F-kittens are still loking for new homes:
Falbala called also Falbi - sensitive and fragile as a lady but can show her claws :)
She's courageous, strong-willed. She also like patting her belly. She imediately turns on a loud purr.

Fenix called also Fenryczek - needs to see the man, as soon as I get out of his sight I can hear loud meow. Then one just have to tell "I'm here" and he can fall a slepping again. Fenryczek is a really BIG kitten with a great personality of a true NFC.

What's a also new in Sirkad family?
I've made some important decisions.
Etruś - Eden Sirkad*PL is going to stay in the cattery. We've been trought a lot so we couldn't be parted.

Today my wonderful 
IC Deja vu Sirkad*PL has given birth to F- kittens. Proud father is IC Renoire v.Alpenwichtel from Germany. 
Thank you, Andrea for making my dream come true! 
Thank you, Rafał for help.

You are more than welcome to visit 
Bosque Montgri website. Bjara's Sirkad*PL children are still available.
In catterie 
vom Britzer Katzenstubchen a very beautiful kittens of Dina Sirkad*PL are looking for new home.


B- cats are 4 years old- BeltisBjaraBrigitBachus,BrianBacran and Burkat. You're my invincible 7. Happy birthday!

Today my sweet 
GIC Funia Psotnik*PL, DM is seven years old. Remember when she arrived... My Funia, my best friend and teacher.
Best wishes Fusia, hope you'll rule the sirkads for many years.

Time is passing by very quickly…
They were little kittens recently and now big and beautiful cats!!!
D-team has their second birthday. Dina, Diuna, Daksza,Déjà vu and Daiki All the best!!!


Another Sirkad’s kittens!!!!
IC Dina Sirkad*PL staying in 
vom Britzer Katzenstuebchencattery of Hannelore and Jurgen is a mom now. She has five kittens. 

Today my blue boy 
IC Dunddee de Stang ar Voud*F has his 3rd birthday.Happy birthday my “little” sweet blue devil 

Today GIC Bjara Sirkad*PL has given birth for the first time. She’s staying in 
Bosque Montgri cattery.

Bjara has seven beautiful kittens. Proud daddy is (N) Mestro's Zeppo.
I strongly advice to visit their 
website and admire the kittens.

Elrond visited his first show this weekend. 
He presented nicely!!! On Saturday he got Ex1 and he was chosen the best cat in the group colour –BIV and he was appointed to panel of the best cats of the show Nom BIS. He got 2 votes! 
Good for you girls!Thanks!

My boys Elrond and El Dorado are at their new homes now. 
19th June 
Elrond called also Eric flew with his new owners Merja and Paivi to Finland. 
23rd June 
El Dorado called also Edek went to Italy where he’s staying with Francesca.
New owners dropped me a line and said that boys behave as they never left home :)
Good Luck my Musketeers!

I haven't made any updates here for quite a long time and so many thing had changed....It's time to catch up.

Kittens have all found new loving owners who are counting days tomeeting them in real :) I'm sooooo happy that my kittens will move to suchwonderful people. New pictures of the litter will be posted soon :)

With Deja vu Sirkad * PL I was on several shows.
We were in Zgierz. Dezia has repeated her success from Szczecinwinning BIS (Opp.Sex). In addition, there was a special show organized by cat forum MruMru. Dezia was selected as the most beautiful female first, and thenwon the whole show,winning the title of Top Model MruMru.
Lots of thanks to Ania from cattery 
Aniro*PL - for good advice and help:)

30.04-01.05.2011 we were in Szczecin. 
Dezia won on both days BIS (Opp.Sex).
At the exhibition I met Cindy and her husband Werner from cattery 
Thorgunna*B, in which  a daughter of "my son" Chaos Sirkad * PL -  NL*Sterrekatten Awaking Beaty is living :)

We were in Zgierz. Dezia has repeated her success from Szczecinwinning BIS (Opp.Sex). In addition, there was a special show organized by cat forumMruMru. Dezia was selected as the most beautiful female first, and thenwon the whole show, winning the title of Top Model MruMru.
Lots of thanks to Ania from cattery Aniro*PL - for good advice and help:)

Deja vu Sirkad*PL came back from the exhibition in Kościan.Dezia, according to the friends, was slowly dispensing emotions and raising them to the highst level. She decided toshow what she's worth and she won both days Best of Best 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cried a river of ​​tears. 
Dezia remained unmoved, and after returning home was playing and running like nothing happened:) I am, of course, busting at the seams proud of my baby and I still can not believe it:)

Our kittens finished 6 weeks today. They are growing beautifully, and giving us a lot of joy. They are very clever students, urgently repeating all lessons taught by their cat and dog family members. New pictures of our little darlings you will find in kitten gallery

We came back from the show in  Bratysława with our beautifulDeja vu. This was a very emotional weekend for us! Despite very strong competition of really beautiful cats Dezia got her certificates both days and finished the Internationl Championtitle. Additionally my pretty girl won Best in Show on Saturday and on Sunday she was Best in ShowBest in Category andBest of Best IV!!! I am very proud of her!


E-kittens were born today. My sweetest Funia become mother of three- a girl called Etrunia and two boys El Dorado and Elrond. Kittens are growing fast and getting plumper every day. They are sensational and they give us lots of joy. Fusia is a great mother, she talks with her children a lot. The rest o catty-doggy family is watching the youngest to be pleased and happy all the time.


I'm proud to say that in a short period of time E-kittens will be born. They are expected on 6th February 2011. Parents are: my princess GIC Funia Psotnik*PL DM and proud father Barbouille de Stang ar Voud. Many thanks for Ania and Rafał from Makaranta*PL cattery.