My love for Norwegian Forest cats started when I saw their pictures on the Internet. I first admired the pictures and then I had a chance to see the cats at my friends’. The moment I saw them I knew one day a Norwegian Forest cat would live with me. This is how it all began...

My cattery is relatively new, and its founder was my princess, Funia Psotnik*PL. The second breeding female that stayed with me was Brigit Sirkad*PL, daughter of Funia and a magically beautiful male, Isnigut vom Alpenwichtel.
In November 2008, my dream came true and a French NFO male, Dundee de Stang ar Voud, joined my girls. The following year, I decided to keep Deja vu Sirkad*PL, daughter of Brigit and S*Nenya's Bialar Crais.

As my cattery has developed over the past few years (and my cats have grown up), at the moment there are eight NFO cats living with me: four neutered catsone stud and three breeding females. There is also Lucas Arrakis vel. Nero, a German shepherd, and Gusto, a Horsfield’s tortoise.
My aim is to breed big, solid, healthy cats (that is why my cats tested for GSDIV, HCM, Pk-Def), with great expression, strong bones and perfect character.
My NFO kittens are raised in a loving home and are perfectly socialized under the watchful eye of their uncle Nero (German shepherd).

My cattery is registered in No Problem Club, under the auspices of Felis Polonia, a member of Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe).


My website in English contains info about me, my cattery and news, and the remaining part of my website is both in Polish and in English.