The day when heaven cried
That was the day when I had to let go my exceptional Friend, a one-in-a-million Girl.
Dezia represented embodied beauty and had an absolutely beautiful soul.
She was my angel, my sweetheart, and my joy.
GIC Deja vu Sirkad*PL, DVM, DSM


Goodbye my Blue Angel....
Today died my IC Dundee de Stang ar Voud aka.Duduś.

No words......



Merry Christmas for everyone !!!


For all friends - Happy Easter !!!!!

My cattery are closed.
Of course all cats stays with me 

Happy New Year !!!!

Merry Christmas my friends !!!!!


Family, lazy Sunday
Brigit aka. Dzidzia -my red Queen 

crazy Irma aka. Irmulotek

and charming Lani aka.Lalunia


Best wishes for all friends 

Merry Chrismats for all friends


My sweet Orwell flew with me to Paris on Wednesday, where was waiting for him new mommy.
He living at wonderful home with wonderful family


I boast of great cat show results my fabolouse Olaf Sirkad*PL - he living with my friend Muriel De La Tour D'Eden catery in France
- Saturday - 5 rings / 5 finals (2 x 1/10; 1x 3/10; 1x 7/10; 1x 9/10)
- Sunday - 5 rings / 5 finals (3x 1/10; 1x3/10; 1x 7/10)
- Saturday - Ex1, Nom BIS, Best in Show
- Sunday - Ex1, BIV, Nom BIS, Best in Show
Special NFO - 7 /64 NFO
I'm very happy and proud.
Muriel - Thank You !!!! heart

I present new pictures Orwell and Oscar.
Both boys still looking new home.


My sweet boys Orwell and Oscar all time looking new home.


Today my three boys finished 5 months old and still looking new homes.
I presents new pictures Oscar, Orlando and Orwell.


My sweet boys Oscar, Orwell and Orlando finished 18 wks old and still ooking new homes.
I present new pictures 


New pictures sweet three boys - Orwell, Oscar and Orlando. They boys still looking new home.


I present new pictures my boys Orlando, Oscar and Orwell.
These boys looking new homes


I present new pictures O-boys : Oscar, Orwell, Orlando and Olaf - guys looking new home


New pictures my FF- Fantastic Five - O-kittens 


Today my O-kittens finished 2 months old and I present new pictures 


New photo session my



New pictures "O"- sweet kittens
All kittens looking new homes


For all frends - Happy Easter !!!

I present new fantastic "O" - kittens: one girl - Osha and four boys: Orwell, Oscar, Olaf and Orlando

Nadia looking new wonderful home


Sunday - time for new pictures 




I present effect new photo session my sweet N-kittens
Naomi still looking new, lovely home



New pictures Naomi, she still looking new home


I wish all my friends Merry Christmas


...more and more pictures my sweet girl - Naomi and Nadia - still looking new womnderful homes 


I present effect new photo session my N-Kittens
Nadia and Naomi still looking new homes

New pictures my sweet norwegian gang.
Naomi, Nasser and Nadia still looking new, wonderful homes


Today my beloved CH Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW , father actualy litter, has 4th birthday day.
Ishayu aha. Winnie of the Poah wish you all time fantastic health , good life and love 

Nasser, Nadia and Naomi finished 7 months old and still looking new, lovely homes

New months and new pictures my three kittens - Nadia, Nasser and Naomi. They kittens still looking new lovely homes.


Today my beloved GIC Funia Psotnik*PL, DM has 13th birthday.
Funia - I wish You more years with health and more, more Your favorite food.
Thank You for Your friendship.


I present new pictures my lovely kittens Nasser, Nadia and Naomi - they kittens still looking new homes 


New photo session my sweet Nasser, Nadia and Naomii 
This kittens still looking new homes



I present new pictures Nadia, Naomi and Nasser  this kittens still looking new lovely homes


Lothar Sirkad*PL owned my dear friend Rafał Lewandowski from Rokietnica, has just come for a short vacation in his family home


In Saturday was with Irma Sirkad PL at catshow in Sopot.
Irma won first certificed CAC amd fantastic judgement.


I present new picures my lovely  "N" kittens.
Girls: Nadia and Naomi and male: Nasser looking new wonderful homes


Today my beloved Dundee de Stang ar Voud turned 9.
Dundee to his health problems he was supposed to even reach the 6th and yet here he is with me.
I am forever gratful to Dundee co owner Rafał Lewandowwski, that 4 years ago he had helped me to save Dundee's life.
Dundee, my love, I wish You lots and lots health so that you can bring more joy and love to all humans and cats around you.


Nadir  yesterday drove to new home. I wish You my Prince fantastic life in new home
I  invite You for see new pictures crazy kittens Nadia, Naomi and Nasser , this kittens looking only the best homes.

"N" kittens ended today 4 months old.
New home looking Nadia, Nasserr and Naomi 


....and new pictures my sweet "N" kittens  I invite you 


I invite  new picturess fantastic "N" kittens 


New pictures my lovely "N" kittens 
New home looking Nasser, Nadia and  Naomi 


I invite You for see new pictures my lovely "N" kittens


New pics Maddox, Mardi Gras and fantastic "N" kittens


My fantastic dragon Maddox Sirkad*PL is looking for a good responsible loving home 

I present new, fantastic pictures my amazing "N" kittens 

All kittens with "M" litter are news, wonderful homes. I'm very happy .  


25-02.2017 my fantastic Deja vu Sirkad*PL gave brith to her kittens
My stunning CH Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW is the proud father of these four little wonders.
I have decided to repeat the same combination as litter "L", because I can see how beautifully all of them have developed and how successful they are in show rings. Lir won BIV and NOM on the World Winner Show, Lani at the age of 11 months won 2 x BIS in open class. 
This last labour of my dearest Dezia was very quick and almost efortless, she delivered four huge babies, 2 girls and 2 boys, in less than one hour.



New pictures fantastic "M" litter 
New wonderful homes looking Maddox and Magnus 

I present new pictures my sweet "M" kittens


Today my sweet "M" litter finished 3 wks old 
I invite You for see new pictures my kittens

In last weekend I was with my Lani Sirkad*PL at show in Gdańsk.
Lani is young female but she win in both days BEST IN SHOW female II cat.
I'm very proud with my crazy girl Lani


I present first pictures my lovely M-kittens 

I have new fantastic kittens.
Proud parents are : Irma Sirkad*PL and IC Wallie Dumny Kot*PL 
More info later 




I invite you to see new photos Lani and Ishayu  


In this weekend at Vienna was World Catshow.
Amazing Lir Sirkad^PL win fantastic result - Ex1, BIV, NOM, and panel win one votes !!!!!!!!
BIG BIG congrats for his owner Anni.
I'm veeerrry happy and proud . 

Congrats for my friends amazingg results !!!!!!!!

My sweet teaddybear Lothar Sirkad*PL was at holiday in family home.
I present his new pictures
Lothar aka. Lotuś lives with my dearest friend Rafał, his daughter Magda  and three wonderful NFO.


Tommorow my crazy Lani aka. Laniuta and her brothers (Lazarus, Lir and Lothar) ends 8months old 


Today more new pictures my happy cats - Lani Sirkad*PL, Eden Sirkad*PL and IC Dundee de Stang ar Voud


I invite you to see new photos of my Brigit Sirkad*PL, Irma Sirkad*PL oraz
Lani Sirkad*PL

My gorgeous CH Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW today celebrates third birthday. 
Happy birthday my diamond, my friend heart

Last weekend my sweet girl Lani Sirkad*PL had her wonderful show debut in Bydgoszcz.
On Saturday Lani turned 7 months and entered the Junior class. Even though I lready knew she was a beautiful well-balanced girl, I didn't expect that many praises for her type and development so far, as well as her perfect grooming.

I spent the weekend with my friends from Norway, Hedvig and Petter and her two stunning cats Tyrion and Kiko, and my best friend Sylwia - the breeder of Tyrion.

Today my first NFO, my big love, my queen finished 12 years old <3 <3 <3heartheartheart
My beloved GIC FUNIA PSOTNIK*PL, DM thank you for all, for You, for the love, and I wish You health and peace

I proudly presenting pictures of "our" Lothar Sirkad * PL. Thank You my friend Rafał Lewadowski for the wonderful pictures

I'm very proud!!!!!!
My fabulos boy LIR SIRKAD*PL at the first show win in both days EX1, BIV, NOM and BEST IN SHOW!!!!!!!
Big congratulations for his owner Anni!!!!!!!

My beloved furry baby Lothar Sirkad*PL has just moved to his new home, in Rokietnica to my dearest friend Rafał, his daughter Madzia and his 3 beautiful NFO cats.

I wish you a happy and carefree life, my sweetest boy!


I'm very proud grandma :) 
I present fantastic kittens - DoB: 25.05.2016 - born in cattery my friends Av Widogard 
Proud parents are - my black diamond - Jayla Sirkad*PL and magic male S*Myselisia's Jocelyn 


I present new pictures my L-kittens. They endedd 3 month od .

I invite you to Kittens - only my blue angel Lazarus Sirkad*PL looking for a wonderful home













Welcome of the board !!!!!!! I have new kittens.
Proud parents are GIC Deja vu Sirkad&PL, DSM, DVM & CH Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW.
I'm very happy.

Happy New Year for owners my kittens and all friends !!!!


News, news, news
My beloved Jaffa Sirkad*PL go to new home in Greece.

In first catshow in Bulgara/Sofia Jaffa won in both days BEST IN SHOW KITTEN
Big congrats for new owners Grzegorz and Apostolos.

I'm very proud mommy


I was with Hecate aka. Hela in Warsaw.
Hella won cerificate CAC and she won title CHAMPION!!!!

I present new pictures Princess Jaffa .
Jaffa still looking wonderful new family 


Today at Cathow in Bydgoszcz my beloved Killyan's Forest Ishayu won last cerificate CAC

Today went to new home my sweet Jengo.
He will living ib Bolesławiec with NFO girl Raposodia and new owners Tatiana and Piotr 



Today went to a new home my Jayla. Happy life my sweet Jayla-boom !!!!!
I invite you to visit website


I present new movie my Fantastic Four , J-litter (11wks old)


New pictures fantastic four, my J-litter 


Birthday day !!!!!! 
My beautiful C-litter ended 7 years old and D-litter ended 6 year old. 
I wish You all the best !!!!!!! I Love You my baby's


New pictures of kittens 


Despite the heat, babies posed for photographs: see the pictures we took during today's photo shoot



I present new photo session my sweet J-kittens


My amazing J-littes today have 12 days old. I presents new pictures

My sweet
Deja vu Sirkad*PL born "Fantastic Four" in the Mother Day heart
Deja vu born three girls and one red boy.
Proud father is
EC Draco z Krainy Asgardu*PL living in cattery Duma Lasu*PL


Today my amazing H-trio finished 2 years old. Happy Birthday Hachiko, Heracles and Hecate 

I wish You all my friends - Happy Easter !!!!!!!

26 March 2015
Today it was the first birthday of my
"I"- kittens !!!! All the best to you, Irsa, Isaac and Irma! I love you!

9 November 2014
A cat show in Poznań

I decided to take four cats to the show for the first time, and I’m sure it was also the last time I did it, especially that three of them were in the same colour group.

The results of the Saturday show are:
Irma Sirkad*PL - Ex1
Hecate Sirkaad*PL - Ex1, CAC
Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW - Ex1, CAC
GIC Deja vu Sirkad*PL, DSM - Ex1, CACS, BIV, Nom BIS, BIS (Opp.Sex)

Deja vu met the required deadline and was awarded another prestigious title: Distinguished Variety MeritIt is a great success for me, as she was awarded both Distinguished Show Merit and Distinguished Variety Merit before getting the Supreme Champion title.

The results of the Sunday show:
Irma Sirkad*PL- Ex2
Hecate Sirkad*PL - Ex1, CAC, Nom BIS
Killyan's Forest Ishayu, JW - Ex1, CAC, BIV, Nom BIS
GIC Deja vu Sirkaad*PL, DSM,DVM - Ex1, CACS, BIV, Nom BIS, BIS, BOB2

19 July 2014
A cat show in Gliwice and...

Killyan's Forest Ishayu won his fifth Best in Show prize and was awarded the Junior Winner title!

Ishayu is the first Norwegian Forst cat in Poland I know which took part in five cat shows, won them all and won the JW title in such great style! Now it’s time for him to take some rest.

18 July 2014
Today, my „I”-boy, Isaac Sirkad*PL, left for his new home. Isaac is going to live with Ines in Esbjerg's cattery.

6 July 2014
That weekend we participated in a cat show in Puck. /
I took Killyan's Forest Ishayu to the show, and he was just unbeatable: he won
Best in Show awards both days!
Those two days were very nice also for another reason: I had a chance to spend some time with one of the „old” Polish NFO breeders, Ania Kotyani :)

26 April 2014
A cat show in Kościan.
My cattery was represented by two cats:
Fugen Sirkad*PL - Ex1, CAP, NOM BIS
Killyan's Forest Ishayu - Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS,
Best in Show!

13April 2014
Ishayu went to his first cat show to Goleniów. His result amazed my - Ishayu unanimously won the
Best in Show award!

26 March 2014
Today I-kittens were born: they are children of my girl
Deja vu Sirkad*PL and an amazing male GIC Cyber[Shot] Groove Armada*PL, JW, DVM.

Deja vu gave birth to two girls, Irma and Irsa, and a boy named Isaac. Welcome to the world, sweeties! :)

March is a special month for me for another reason: my new boy has just arrived. I fell in love with from the first sight and I am proud to introduce the new young male in my cattery - Killyan's Forest Ishayu aka.Isek. Isiu is a cat with a great amount of white colour, which I love so much.